Hey Fly Girl, First Love Yourself..

Welcome to Life with Shae B. I understand that life has it challenges, but Sis don’t let what broke you hold you back from a better future. As a fully certified Spiritual Life Coach and Tarot Reader , I’m here to help guide you back to love & light. Together, we will discover the answers that you seek be it personal, spiritual, relationship or twin flame journeys. My mission is to empower women who come from diverse backgrounds in redefining themselves as well as gaining clarity in their lives. Using my raw, real and relatable techniques, I will help you discover your life’s purpose..


Essential Coaching Services

Turning Your Pain Into Power


Spiritual Life Coaching Session

Guidance & Inspiration

Life throws many surprises at us, heck just think back to the year 2020 alone. While we can't predict the outcome of any situation, we can most certainly control how we respond to it. With my spiritual coaching sessions, you’ll learn about acceptance and how to exert your power of choice over whatever life may throw at you. From there, we will transition into your spiritual journey to discovering your true self. I will guide you in re-membering. One day, you will be proud you made it through this.

Inner Healing Coaching Session

Learn Forgiveness and Discover Purpose

Acknowledge and release things that are no longer positively serving you, as it is often times one of the keys to a happier, healthier life. You are needed, you deserve the best and you are here for a reason. It starts within. Don't give up on yourself. You will learn to appreciate the light in everyone, including yourself.


Relationship & Twin Flame Coaching Session

Master the Journey to Unconditional Love

Learn to navigate your way to the highest energy of them all...true unconditional love. Begin with self and then everyone else. You can't pour from an empty cup. It's time to see the glass as half full in order to achieve the best union of your life!


Packages & Rates

Dear Future, I'm Ready

I take pride in guiding those who are ready to find their path to love and light. BOOK NOW, PAY LATER WITH SEZZLE!!



Yay! You did it; got out your comfort zone and betted on yourself for a change. All potential clients begin here. Starting can be the hardest part of a journey. Just take the first step.             *All sessions will be remote until COVID-19 conditions improve! This is for both of ours safety. For Nashville locals, other options may be available. Please inquire via email.*


Spiritual Life Coaching

Let me guide you in connecting with the Universe as your true and authentic self. Learn why you’re here and what your purpose is on this Earth. From there, begin navigating through any blockages that’s preventing you from getting your inheritance and reaching total fulfillment. Master how you connect with others as well as how to truly love you for exactly who you are meant to be. You have the power to create your reality. Let’s chat Sis.

$99/66mins session

Personal Life Coaching

Cause she’s a boss and she's ready! This is her life, her story and her book. She's just making edits along the way. It may take a little more time, but the reward... Talk about turning mess into a masterpiece. It’s perfectly okay to NOT be okay. It’s your time! Now.


Twin Flame Journey & Relationship Coaching

Welcome to an emotional rollercoaster of a ride to Divine Sacred Union! Not everyone will have a chance to meet their souls other half, twin flame, in this lifetime. However, if you’re here, you’re one of the lucky ones. Wanting to embark on your own journey to finding your counterpart, you’re also in the right place. It’s the most beautiful, passionate, amazing, chaotic, exhilarating, exhausting, rewarding, deep and soul winching journey that you could never imagine. It starts with a stare and it’s up from there! The stages.. We can’t forget the stages. The yearning for something more because it has to be something better out there, right? Then the meeting. Literally and figuratively feels like love at first sight. Romance novel vibes. This can’t be real or is it? You’ve known this person for all of 5mins and yet it feels like a lifetime. It’s the way you two look at each other. The tingly feeling inside. No one else exists in those moments. The romance. The passion. It’s an invigorating connection. Indescribable love you all have towards one another. All rational thinking left to the side. Then the honeymoon phase ends. Back to reality. Someone’s nervous and has cold feet. Like they can’t grasp the thought of being loved unconditionally. Maybe it’s past relationships or childhood traumas. Whatever it is, it’s too much. They ghost you. The separation stage has begun. There’s a runner and a chaser. No contact. What went wrong? The dark night of the soul happens. It feels like depression. The chaser goes through a spiritual awakening and learns self love. The runner has to succumb to the connection and do the same or not. If so, now it’s time for the sacred reunion filled with unconditional love, peace, prosperity and abundance! Yep, I’ve been there, done that. 

Email for Quotes

Travel & Group Sessions

For group bookings of my available services, please send an email to Shae B. at

*Restrictions will apply due to Covid-19 guidelines for travel requests. Please allow 48 business hours for quotes and availability.*


Past, Present & Future Tarot Reading

Gain insight directly from your spirit guides, messengers and ancestors about your past, present and future life using tarot and oracle cards.*Your reading will be sent via email from within 48 business hours. Please add this email address to your contacts or check your spam folder. DO NOT share your personal reading with others as this can impact your reading’s energy as all energy isn’t good energy. However, please share your experience. Also, please remember that we all have free will. Use tarot as a guide to change any area in your life. After all, it’s not set in stone.*

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All Things Tarot

You have questions and Spirit will answer! Meditate on what you truly need to know; be it yes or no questions, what you need to know or anything in between. I will provide insight to those questions ONLY. Be sure you’re fully prepared for your unbiased responses from Source. This will be limited to 6 questions so make it count!

*Your reading will be sent via email from within 48 business hours. Please add this email address to your contacts or check your spam folder. DO NOT share your personal reading with others as this can impact your reading’s energy as all energy isn’t good energy. However, please share your experience. Also, please remember that we all have free will. Use tarot as a guide to change any area in your life. After all, it’s not set in stone.*

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Shae B.’s True Love Oracle Reading

Bobby Womack said it best, “Everybody needs something or someone to love.” This will be a reading filled with romance angels, love and hidden truth messages. Gain insight about an ongoing, past or future relationship. You’ll discover if it’s true love, twin flame, toxic, past-life, soulmate, the one who got away or a strictly sexual connection. Also, it will reveal what messages this person has for you. Tissues warranted..maybe.

*Your reading will be sent via email from within 48 business hours. Please add this email address to your contacts or check your spam folder. DO NOT share your personal reading with others as this can impact your reading’s energy as all energy isn’t good energy. However, please share your experience. Also, please remember that we all have free will. Use tarot as a guide to change any area in your life. After all, it’s not set in stone.*

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Natal Chart

A customized report that reveals your life path, purpose, blocks and directions on how to navigate what lies ahead. Discover your sun, moon, rising, Venus, life path number, north and south nodes. You know, the things that make you, you! A detailed breakdown, in plain layman terms, will be provided with each. This will help it all make sense. Links to helpful articles to aid in finally understanding you and why you act the way that you do will be attached as well. This is a customized blueprint of your life I’m order for you to reach your destiny filled with abundance.

*Your natal chart will be sent via email from within 7 business days. Please add this address to your email contacts or check your spam folder.*

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LWSB Donations

Get Your Life, Sis

Spiritual Life Coaching with Life with Shae B., LLC is unlike any other coaching program out there. I understand that each individual has unique circumstances and needs, both in terms of their coaching and finances. Consider donating to help this spiritual movement as One! Money is energy. Remember, what you share with good intentions always comes back to you multiplied by 10!


Madalyn Beck

"Start over, my darling. Be brave enough to find the life you want and courageous enough to chase it. Then start over and love yourself the way you were always meant to."


Get to Know Me

Transparency is Key

Personally, I’ve been through hell and back, but I overcame every obstacle that happened for me. Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, my family and I relocated to Nashville in search of a fresh start for my infidelity ridden marriage to a narcissist. Having survived 12yrs of a stagnant relationship riddled with codependency, childhood traumas and life issues, I was determined to break the generational curse. Not just for myself, but for my 3 daughters. Now happily divorced and spiritually enlightened, I can scream to the mountaintops that I am more than a conqueror!

Rising from the ashes, I discovered my life purpose while going through a spiritual awakening. My passion to serve others; the Master Teacher and Lightworker. Being blessed to be a grounded empath; gifted with the natural abilities to lead and heal, encouraged me to pursue career as a certified Spiritual Life Coach. Discovering at an early age that I have psychic abilities, after a near-death experience, was pretty scary back then. As an adult, I slowly began to embrace that I'm clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairsentient and clairaudient. Whew! Yes, it's a lot, but the best feeling is helping myself and others by sharing my gifts. I recall often saying that it was a blessing and a curse. When I stopped fighting it, I then realized a blessing can never be a curse. I was chosen for a reason. No longer am I only sharing my abilities with selected individuals because I was worried what people would think. The Creator told me that it's time to show the world. I stand in purpose. I stand in light and love. I am power. I am a source of abundance. I am full of love. I am connected with Source and my higher being. I AM TRUTH! 

No pressure, no diamonds. No pressure, no pearl. No pain, no gain. No cocoon, no beautiful butterfly. It's in the uncertain and dark and unclear and broken times that we learn who we really are and what we are capable of.

              -Kemmy Nola


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a spiritual life coach?

A spiritual coach, also called a spiritual life coach, explores the deeper connections between people and the Universe. They’re also someone who helps you connect to who you truly are. We work with you to change/re-direct/navigate your life, uncover your desires, take steps towards your goals, achieve your dreams, bust limiting beliefs, and remove roadblocks. Spiritual coaches use a deeper, more holistic approach. We inspire the client to focus on his/her own inner being and develop an intuitive sense. Different from some life coaches, Spiritual Coaches dive deeper into our client's beliefs and help shift negative and judgmental thoughts to ones that are more positive and accepting. Our job is to guide you back to love and light. This will aid you in living an authentic life by being your true self.

Why do I have to book a consultation first?

It’s simple. Energy is Everything and mines will be     protected at all costs! All clients will not be a match for me and vice versa. That’s okay. There’s somebody for everybody which will be determined during your consultation. Love and Light.

What is tarot reading and how will it help me?

Gain insight, clarity and direction from your Guardian Angels, Spirit, Source and Ancestors  via tarot and oracle cards. This will provide you with the guidance and answers you need from your Higher Power.

Do I have to live in Nashville to book your services?

Of course not! I have existing clients hundreds of miles away. Our meetings will be virtual or by phone. I also offer travel services for groups. Check it out!

Do you accept male clients?

Yes, I do. I'm a woman, so naturally I gear my audience towards women. However, I cater to men as well.

Additional questions?

Any additional questions will be addressed during your consultation as my time is limited due to current clients. Thank you for understanding!

When did you know that you had psychic abilities?

My purpose and passion stems from the gifts and abilities that I’ve been blessed with. I’m a HSP empath, clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairaudient and clairsentient. Yes, all of the above! I recall the time when I first realized that I have these talents. It was a weekend visit to my paternal grandmother’s  house when I was maybe 9 or 10yo. She was sitting in this old high-back, velvet emerald green chair with her feet kicked up on the dresser watching Jeopardy. I was lying in her bed facing the television on my left side. For some reason, I turned over to my back. I always hated to lie flat on my back. My arms crossed

over my chest; eyes closed I drifted off into what seemed like a dream. My grandmother always and still does, watches her tv near max volume so she hadn’t noticed that I wasn’t breathing. She’s always been super overprotective like my brother and I could only ride our bikes in a circle in front of her door! Yes, that type LOL. She laughed at something Alex said and her laugh is so funny that I would always join in just because. That’s when it hit her. She jumped up screaming, “BOONEY!!” (my childhood nickname) over and over. I stood there right beside her, watching her shake me and yell my name. She was in full blown panic mode when I didn’t respond. I looked between her and me lying there and saw that my physical body wouldn’t react. Me watching me seems scary, but I was calm standing there. I’m here to tell you that the white light is real! Next, she grabbed her phone and called my mom crying that I wouldn’t wake up then dialed 911. That’s when it happened. The light. There was this white tunnel that seemed to never end, but I could see the light at the end of it. It felt peaceful. Curiosity made me want to walk down it. Then I remembered that my grandma was in complete distress! This would’ve killed her, literally, if I didn’t wake up. The intriguing light or utter heartbreak for her were the choices I had. I looked at me. My body was calm, lifeless. I loved her so much, she was my favorite. She spoiled my brother and I as if we were her own. Heck, we even called her “Ma”. I gotta go back. Before the ambulance or my mom even arrived, I rejoined my body and woke up. My grandma was screaming crying and yelling saying, “Booney, why you scare me like that? What was you doing?! Why you didn’t wake up?! You didn’t hear me calling your name or shaking you?” I said, “I saw you shaking me and I heard you, but I couldn’t move.” She said, “Don’t tell nobody else that but me cause people gonna think you’re crazy.” The ambulance took me to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital Memphis where they performed numerous tests to figure out what happened. If I stopped breathing for that long, how was I alive? They chalked it up to a seizure. Something I never had before and never did again because they simply didn’t know and needed to put a name on it. From there, the visions began. I would see members in my family dying before they actually died. I would know things were going to happen before they did. I was a human lie detector. I could hear whispers and sounds randomly at different pitches as warnings or good news. I would have lucid dreams about people around me. They would show me things that were going to happen to them, both good and bad. Mostly bad. My nose was super sensitive to smells that could literally upset my stomach if the environment was negative and etc. I remember grieving my grandmother’s brother, Duke, death before knowing he was ill with cancer. I mourned his imminent death in her 2bd/1ba duplex, located in the heart of Orange Mound, while staring in the mirror crying uncontrollably. I wasn’t comfortable telling people what was going on for obvious reasons. Most people, especially churchgoing black folks thought psychics were crazy or Devil worshippers. Funny thing is, going through school, my friends would always say, “Shae, how do you be knowing stuff? You the new Ms. Cleo!” As an adult, I was always the one everyone came to for answers because I “just knew”. I would confide in some friends the gifts I had and they loved it, but I couldn’t tell everyone. I just became a bonafide therapist slash dumpster for everyone to lay their burdens down and I solve their problems. I was nicknamed “Shae-EO” at work because I always knew something lol. After going through a depression, from my now ex husband, I wanted to accept these gifts. You know, stop calling it a blessing and a curse. I dove deeper into spirituality mid 2019. I wanted to know more than what the pastor was preaching on Sunday. I needed to develop my own connection to my Ascended Masters and Spirit. I read so much material and took courses to learn who I truly am. I became more comfortable with sharing my gifts that my phone would never stop ringing because everyone needed my help. In 2021, I was gifted my first tarot deck by an old friend and I found my niche to bring it all together. Now we’re here. So what are you waiting for? Book now! 


Ready to transform your life, but have a question that isn't answered above? Contact me today, sis.

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