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I’m here to serve you. My purpose and passion stems from the gifts and abilities that I’ve been blessed with. I’m a HSP empath, clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairaudient and clairsentient. Yes, all of the above! I recall the time when I first realized that I have these talents. It was a weekend visit to my paternal grandmother’s house when I was maybe 9 or 10yo. She was sitting in this old high-back, velvet emerald green chair with her feet kicked up on the dresser watching Jeopardy. I was lying in her bed facing the television on my left side. For some reason, I turned over to my back. I always hated to lie flat on my back. My arms crossed

over my chest; eyes closed I drifted off into what seemed like a dream. My grandmother always and still does, watches her tv near max volume so she hadn’t noticed that I wasn’t breathing. She’s always been super overprotective like my brother and I could only ride our bikes in a circle in front of her door! Yes, that type LOL. She laughed at something Alex said and her laugh is so funny that I would always join in just because. That’s when it hit her. She jumped up screaming, “BOONEY!!” (my childhood nickname) over and over. I stood there right beside her, watching her shake me and yell my name. She was in full blown panic mode when I didn’t respond. I looked between her and me lying there and saw that my physical body wouldn’t react. Me watching me seems scary, but I was calm standing there. I’m here to tell you that the white light is real! Next, she grabbed her phone and called my mom crying that I wouldn’t wake up then dialed 911. That’s when it happened. The light. There was this white tunnel that seemed to never end, but I could see the light at the end of it. It felt peaceful. Curiosity made me want to walk down it. Then I remembered that my grandma was in complete distress! This would’ve killed her, literally, if I didn’t wake up. The intriguing light or utter heartbreak for her were the choices I had. I looked at me. My body was calm, lifeless. I loved her so much, she was my favorite. She spoiled my brother and I as if we were her own. Heck, we even called her “Ma”. I gotta go back. Before the ambulance or my mom even arrived, I rejoined my body and woke up. My grandma was screaming crying and yelling saying, “Booney, why you scare me like that? What was you doing?! Why you didn’t wake up?! You didn’t hear me calling your name or shaking you?” I said, “I saw you shaking me and I heard you, but I couldn’t move.” She said, “Don’t tell nobody else that but me cause people gonna think you’re crazy.” The ambulance took me to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital Memphis where they performed numerous tests to figure out what happened. If I stopped breathing for that long, how was I alive? They chalked it up to a seizure. Something I never had before and never did again because they simply didn’t know and needed to put a name on it. From there, the visions began. I would see members in my family dying before they actually died. I would know things were going to happen before they did. I was a human lie detector. I could hear whispers and sounds randomly at different pitches as warnings or good news. I would have lucid dreams about people around me. They would show me things that were going to happen to them, both good and bad. Mostly bad. My nose was super sensitive to smells that could literally upset my stomach if the environment was negative and etc. I remember grieving my grandmother’s brother, Duke, death before knowing he was ill with cancer. I mourned his imminent death in her 2bd/1ba duplex, located in the heart of Orange Mound, while staring in the mirror crying uncontrollably. I wasn’t comfortable telling people what was going on for obvious reasons. Most people, especially churchgoing black folks thought psychics were crazy or Devil worshippers. Funny thing is, going through school, my friends would always say, “Shae, how do you be knowing stuff? You the new Ms. Cleo!” As an adult, I was always the one everyone came to for answers because I “just knew”. I would confide in some friends the gifts I had and they loved it, but I couldn’t tell everyone. I just became a bonafide therapist slash dumpster for everyone to lay their burdens down and I solve their problems. I was nicknamed “Shae-EO” at work because I always knew something lol. After going through a depression, from my now ex husband, I wanted to accept these gifts. You know, stop calling it a blessing and a curse. I dove deeper into spirituality mid 2019. I wanted to know more than what the pastor was preaching on Sunday. I needed to develop my own connection to my Ascended Masters and Spirit. I read so much material and took courses to learn who I truly am. I became more comfortable with sharing my gifts that my phone would never stop ringing because everyone needed my help. In 2021, I was gifted my first tarot deck by an old friend and I found my niche to bring it all together. Now we’re here. So what are you waiting for? Book now!


Shae B.

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